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broadcast recording 27 June, 15:25

Living next to a terrorist sta­te: How can Ukraine stand its ground

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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When Russia attacked Ukraine, it launched the processes of its own destabilisation. Spending significant human and economic resources on the war will make the Russian region unstable even after hostilities end. The potential of the aggressor country’s disintegration is perceived ambiguously both by Ukraine’s allies and by the countries that have not decided on their position. Such geopolitical turbulence ruins the established world order. Even after our victory in the war Russia will be a threat to Ukrainian and European security.

How can security alliances help Ukraine and other countries in the world make it impossible for aggressor countries to attack their neighbours? What role will Ukraine play in restoring the global security model? What kind of external support and in which format will help us defeat the enemy?


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Oleksandr Musiyenko

military political expert, Head of the Military Legal Research Centre

Yulia Tymoshenko

moderator, interviewer, host of a series of visionary interviews What Next? by Ukraїner


In the Human Rights Programme, we have tried to trace the causal relationships between the processes launched by the Russian aggression and make sense of their impact on our future. 

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