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broadcast recording 19 June, 15:40

Without the impe­rial past: how young peo­ple can influen­ce the pro­cess of de­co­lo­ni­za­tion of Ukraine

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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The decolonization of Ukraine is a complex and multifaceted process that involves not only overcoming the imperial legacy, but also building a new just and democratic society. Young people play a key role in this process.

Young people are agents of change who have the energy, creativity and desire to create a better future. They are not burdened by past experiences and can therefore take a fresh look at problems and offer innovative solutions.

What are the challenges and opportunities for young people in the process of decolonization of Ukraine? What youth initiatives already exist in Ukraine and how can youth participation in decolonization processes be supported and expanded? 



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Ksenia Ukolova

Head of the Student League of the Association of Ukrainian Lawyers, lawyer

Solomiya Zinets-Matsyshyn

head of the Triangle NGO

Yaroslava Hubova

student, volunteer, and public activist

Yana Malyha

public activist, psychologist, trainer, facilitator


In the Human Rights Programme, we have tried to trace the causal relationships between the processes launched by the Russian aggression and make sense of their impact on our future. 

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