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broadcast recording 26 June, 17:57

Lan­guage and war: Iden­tity through the lens of litera­ture

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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During Russia’s centuries-long attempts to destroy the Ukrainian national identity, literature has been accumulating and storing the ideas of the restoration of Ukrainian statehood. Contemporary Ukrainian literature reflects the experience of living through war in the heart of Europe. New writers emerge who gain this experience directly in the battle zone.

In this public reading, we will talk with the books about:

  • How does literature, particularly veteran literature, create a new layer of Ukrainian identity?

  • Does this body of work sufficiently influence the shaping of a strong social and national consciousness?

  • What challenges does literature face today?

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In the Human Rights Programme, we have tried to trace the causal relationships between the processes launched by the Russian aggression and make sense of their impact on our future. 

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